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PROJECT BERGROSEHouse renovationConstruction work, once for the eternity: 2008 – 2012 renovation of our house in switzerlandInterior Design

Construction management

WAY DOWNShort film projectDevelopment and Previsualisation Models of a not (yet) realised Shortfilm 2008Production design treatment
CHEMICAL GARDENSStereoskopic art projectIn aquariums grow from metal salts by osmosis processes fantastic ‘plants’, which are staged for the stereoscopic art project ‘The seventh voyage of Frederic Edwin Church’. Construction of spezial 3D viewers and stereoscopic large-screen projection. East of Eden, group exhibition, Steinhöfel 2008Artist
FACTS MAGAZINCharacter designPlasticine figure for a journal frontpage on the theme ‘Multitaskin’ 2008Design & model
SNTCharacter designConception, design and modeling of 30 motives of a sympathy character for the communication company SNT in 2 D and 3D in 2007Design & models
TROPICAL ISLANDLeisure facilityDesign and model making for a sauna landscape in the style of the temple ruins of Angkor Vat 2006Design & models
KOCHENDE GÄRTENCooking Adventures‘Cooking Gardens’: Harvesting of old vegetables species and cooking fine meals under the open sky, since 2005Conception and guidance
MASHA & TORIN “Flourish”Music video clipTestvideo for EMI 2004Director

Production design

TWINKY “Tic A Toc”Music video clipShorts Film Production for EAMS 2003Director
Production design
EXPO.02ExhibitionNational exhibition of Switzerland
Conceptual designs and model making for exhibition pavillons under the artistic management of Pipilotti Rist 2001
Production design
ELIAS “Crying”Music video clipPetersen Naumann Filmproduction 2001Production design
“Bitte nicht”
TV commercialMann im Mond Filmproduction

Directed by Veit Helmer 2001

Production design
DJ TAYLOR & FLOW “Gott tanzte”Music video clipPlastik Medienverlag for EAMS 2000Director
Production design
LEXX 2. StaffelTV cult seriesSalter Street film LTD Canada, Time Film Potsdam
German/Canadian co. production 2000
6 films at the film studio Babelsberg
Directed by Srinivas Krishna, Paul Donovan, Bill Fleming, Christoph Schrewe
Setdec by Maja Zogg, Designer Ingolf Hetscher
Production design
Construction management
LUCKY LIGHTSCinema commercialMann im Mond Filmproduction

Directed by Nico Bayer 2002

Production design
MILKACinema commercialMann im Mond Filmproduction

Directed by Nico Bayer 2002

Production design
LEXXCult TV seriesSalter Street film LTD Canada, Time Film Potsdam
German/Canadian co. production in 1996
3 pilot programs in the film studio Babelsberg
Directed by Paul Donovan, Rainer Matsutani, Ron Oliver
Designer: Frank Wiemann, Alex Knop, Ingolf Hetscher
Production design Construction Management
FISHERMANS FRIENDCinema commercialMann im Mond Filmproduktion

Directed by Nico Bayer 1996

Production design
FEUERMANNAnimation FilmShowbiz satire in model stop Motion, 20 min. 1995
Camera: Geri Born, animation/sets: Nancy Zedi,
edited by Ricardo Dall’O & Paul Avondet, sound design: Peter Bräker, music: Stefan Wittwer, Rams
Participation in numerous international film festivals e.g. Fantastic films of Sitges, Short film festival Toronto
Prices:best short film at L’Étrange Festival, Canal+, Paris, prize of the Jury Filmfestival Solothurn Switzerland
Production design
TELECLUBCinema commercialCinema commercialProduction design
WORLD OF THE WHALESExhibitionSpecial exhibition in the zoo Zurich 1994
Budget: 2.5 million Swiss francs
Visitors: 959’300 during 6 months
Curation of the exhibition together with Nancy Zedi
Constructed by Studio A.RO.SA Germany, Dynamation USA, Oediwood company Switzerland, Mati light design Switzerland, eyecon media Switzerland, Nüssli AG Switzerland
Scientific advice: Dr. Caesar Claude zoological museum Zurich, Dr. Dietrich Bürkel zoological museum Hamburg, Dr. Birgit Kriete Vancouver Island, IBM, WWF, Greenpeace

Production design

Construction Management

SCHWAMENDINGER OBERDORFOPERStage satireA production of the cabaret Götterspass Zurich, cooperation with Andreas Dobler 1994Stagedesign
Construction management
ANTARCTICAExhibitionStaging of the large-sized pictures of the photographer Bruno Zehnder, zoo Zurich 1993Production design Construction management
COOL AIRComicsAdaption of a Lovecraft short story 1993
Publication in the German comic art magazine STRAPAZIN and in the Italian TIEMPO
DINOSAURS IN THE ZOOExhibitionSpecial exhibition in the zoo Zurich 1992
Design and making of a 600 m² jurassic landscape
Constructed by Nüssli AG Switzerland, Dynamation USA, curation by Ralph Gronowski
Production design
Construction management
HEUREKAExhibitionScientific exhibition Zurich 1990
Building of several models
Freelance graphic artistFreelance graphic artist for concert ads and print media Zurich1986 – 1994
TypographerApprenticeship as a typographer at Printhouse Ringier, Lucerne1980 – 1984



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